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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The Canadian advertising industry's roots have run deep since its first formal advertisement in 1752, which advertised an offer of butter for sale that was appeared in Halifax Gazette (An official government publication). Nowadays, in Canada, advertising of products or services is so significant in people's everyday lives that Canadians sometimes do not even realize when they alter their moods or behaviours that they are being marketed while encountering advertisements. Creativity in advertising is a crucial and powerful tool to influence consumers' behaviours to turn brands' investment into profit.

This article outlines the past and current Canadian advertising mediums and how Canada's clients influence creativity in ads. Delve a little deeper into the details to understand how Canadian advertising makes the advertisement experience interactive and creative. To begin with, let's first discuss Canada's first advertising medium.

Canada's First Advertising Medium

By 1889, Anson McKim created an entirely new business because he was highly encouraged by the newspapers to open an office for the arrangement and placement of Montreal advertisements for the Ontario newspaper. From there, he started his business which became the first advertising agency in Canada. He remunerated new orders to the newspaper advertising business by collecting a commission to exaggerate publication's circulation claims by Canadian Newspaper Directory.

Another Canadian advertising agency that came up as the early advertising medium in Canada and was launched in Ontario, London, in early 1900 was McConnell Advertising.


The primary advertising media in Canada since the time of 1900s are as follows:

· Newspapers

In Canada, there is an average of 108 daily newspapers, which provide an average 63% penetration of Canadian homes. They have an average daily circulation of approximately 5 million, for which they receive over an average of 13% of the dollars to spend on advertising. The Canadian newspaper broadcasting is in the little hands of fewer companies in Canada.

· Magazines

The technique of Canadian business magazines was first adopted in the 1970s for many consumer magazines. Also, entertainment and local TV magazines were produced as a weekend package by daily newspaper Canadian agencies. Nowadays, magazines in Canada aim particularly at creativity for leisure interests rather than business interests. An estimated rose in net advertising revenues of $260 was witnessed in 1994 in Canada's newspaper advertising agency.

· Radio

The advent of the radio along with a TV in Canada was forced to redefine its strengths. However, it has again gained success in today's ever-emerging world and is re-invigorated as a leading Canadian advertising agency. In Canada's scenario, it is useful for the people who frequently repeat their desired message. The crucial factor of creativity in radio advertisements evokes listeners' imaginary ability. It has been researched that Canadian radio has earned almost $740 million, out of which 78% of the profit was from local advertisers in 1994.

· Television

Over the past five years, Television has almost the largest share of 21% of Canadian paid advertising revenue. CTV network, a private Canadian largest broadcaster, has 18 workstations which for a 30 second commercial receive the highest rate of almost 17%. In 1997, Academy Awards received the most high quality, which could be as high as $40-$50 000 for the 30-second commercial.

· Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is considered the key media component and is regarded as an economical medium for the expanded advertising industry in all parts of the world, especially in Canada. Canada has outdoor advertisements on shopping malls, spectacular displays in bus shelters, moving and elaborative lighting posters all across Canada. Advertisers in Canada create prominent and effective statements at low cost to supplement the advertising that may be already advertised in another medium. The advertising that is so popular in Canada is Transit Advertising, which showcases the sales messages located inside and outside in commuter stations, subways, buses, and vehicles that are so widely spread.

Besides, outdoor advertising offers point-of-purchase communication, which includes a reminder message that involves both packages and signs advertising near the retailer outlet to inform people about the unique products or services.

How clients influence creativity in Canadian advertising?

To understand how clients influence creativity in Canadian advertising, a person must know what creative advertising is and why creativity is important in advertisements. Below are the brief reasons and details:

What exactly is creative advertising? Creative advertising happens in the advertising industry when a prospective team of creatives sits together to plan a commercial or campaign which can effectively and creatively tell the end-users about a brand. Creative advertising agencies in Canada team up to perform a variety of creative tasks for their clients. The tasks Canadian creatives perform range from systematic planning of technology or media, from creativity to the expert lead (Performers require for the advertising purposes of a product or service), and strategy to design the advertisement. Simply put, Canadian creatives produce creative work for products' advertisements that are much more meaningful, conceptual, and philosophical than old TV promos.

Why is creativity important in Canadian advertising? Creativity is a powerful tool for grabbing and maintaining the target audience's attention to make the ads much more compelling and creative. A recent study in Canada has revealed that Internet users spend more than 2 hours daily on social networking platforms bombarded by advertising about different products. Canadian advertisers should keep this crucial factor in their minds that if the advertising material does not compel the target audience to hand around, it means that the game is over. The reasons why creativity is an essential tool in Canadian advertising are:

· Creative Canadian advertising agencies are effective in advertising for TV, Radio, Magazines, and outdoor advertising because they execute the results effectively.

· Creative advertising in Canada helps Canadians create brand love and intend to promote their products, services, or ideas.

· Creative advertising influences common people and helps Canadians believe that the brand is high-quality, so they are producing such a creative advertisement.

Wrapping up,

Canadian advertising executes and needs to produce cute, simple, creative, and loveable brand promotions to make Canadians feel that they can trust the brand.

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