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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Social media is a platform for providing digital advertising to any product or a new brand through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It's a massive advertising platform for online retailers. In 2021, the expected number of users of social media platforms is 3 billion. Social media ads, sponsored media posts, and marketers are hosting different channels to reach out to their targeted audience just like the TV or print media.

Advertising on Social Media

Thorough planning and research are required for social ads. Even the smallest details are capable of impacting your product's performance. It's not easy to put together the ads and to understand how targeting the ad works. Such as, Facebook, and Instagram's ad platform are allowing targeting specific users that are based on specific parameters such as demographics, age and interests. People can also target the technique of 'lookalike' audiences according to their business' email list in order to run the campaigns only for the people who are regularly visiting your website or have visited the site at least once. Bidding is another crucial aspect of social ads.

Social Media Minimizes the Marketing Costs and Enhances ROI

Social media instead of the traditional mediums such as TV or print media is a challenge for marketers but they are much less expensive if you have the ability to use it wisely. Between the exposure potential and low cost of posting on social media even in the word of mouth marketing, social media has proved to be increasing profitability while spreading your message. Social media doesn't only boost your returns on investment by low cost, it also gives customers the insight that you can use to further hone in on the targeted audience with the best product and message.


Photo Ads

The targeting of social ads is so complex but the creatives behind the curtain are not the same. Unlike the other types of ad styles, a photo ad series can easily attract unique traffic. There are 90 characters of text plus and a 25-character headline in photo ads. The photo ads can also have call action buttons such as the download or shop now. Simple and unique photo ads are a fair play of showing off the products while promoting and highlighting the products.

Video Ads

Video content is the most popular and engaging type of advertisement on social media. The plus point of video ads is that they are capable of attracting viewers naturally when they are scrolling down through the news feed. Video ads are more likely to be based on short content that can be easily accessible regardless of your budget. Video ads allow you to make bite-sized commercials, looping images, real-life product demos, and slideshows.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads being tap-friendly are the right option for advertising the collections of products. Using this advertising format, the sellers are able to display a number of products or various angles of one product. Moreover, another significant advantage of carousel ads is their inherently interactive nature that gives the viewers a chance to explore the product by clicking the ad. These ads are a perfect example of the engagement of people with the selling brand.

Story Ads

In the full spectrum format, the photo display is only for six seconds and the videos last only for 15 seconds. The benefit of story ads is that it's a natural integration into the stories present in the feeds of the viewers without even interruption.


Social media advertising is the best way to reach out to your targeted audience. You can easily attract brand new users or returning ones. All of the major social media platforms are offering advertising options. It's very helpful to know which networks are the best according to your targeted audience while choosing the place of your ads.

Your targeted group

You need to know where is your targeted group mostly engaged, accessible or concentrated. Focus on the social media platform that performs well for your brand.

Facebook is the most popular and engaging platform across the demographics with almost 2.45 billion users monthly. Most teenagers use Facebook, now their parents and seniors are also using it. Facebook has detailed targeting options for its huge pool of users. It's a platform to start the advertisement process with social media. You can direct the users easily to your Facebook account. Facebook ads are so helpful to achieve the three main types of campaign objectives.

  1. CONSIDERATION: It sends traffic to your website and increases the engagement on your page. It also encourages people in order to communicate with each other and to you via Facebook Messenger

  2. AWARENESS: It increases and builds brand awareness.

  3. CONVERSION: It increases purchases and also leads people to your page or app.

Instagram is a video and image-heavy social media platform. Benefiting from these features, sellers can sell products that are visually appealing. The products whose complaints incorporate the visual media have the tendency to perform well. Another noteworthy aspect of Instagram is its user base. The user base of this social media platform is from 18 to 29 years, with more females and minorities. For the purpose of direct engagement, Instagram ads can be directly linked to the product page.

Twitter has almost 328 million monthly active users and it’s the most important and popular social media site. Twitter supports organic engagement, unlike Facebook. Brands on Twitter don't have to pay for their ads, which increases their worth even in the case of paid ads. Twitter users on average buy online stuff 6.9x monthly. Ecommerce stores are now using Twitter ads in order to promote and spread awareness about specific products. Twitter website cards are the most common model of hosting under the display of 100 characters of the same variety.

Pinterest is a unique social media platform with its visual nature just like Instagram. It is a tremendously active platform with almost 175 million users per month. Pinterest is widely referred as the most suitable platform for eCommerce activities. The reasons are;

  • High engagement.

  • Images are usually created around the custom products.

  • People intentionally avail themselves of this social media platform to explore and purchase various products.

TikTok is another popular yet new platform that has emerged on the social media marketing platform. It's a competitive force with growing users actively using it on daily basis. It's a good platform option for marketing with its highly active users.

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