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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality have become a buzzword in the field of advertising. They have made the advertising experience more efficient for advertisers as well as personable for the consumers. With Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, marketing and advertising teams can now target or catch-up with the right customers at the optimal time. They also enhance company revenues and boost customer engagement which has also bolstered the opportunities in advertising. These technologies have all the platforms to regulate the advertising, sale, purchase, and consumer experience systematic and well-organized in real-time. Put, the technologies of artificial intelligence and augmented reality has changed the way advertisers run advertising operations.

Do you want to understand the breathtaking aspects of augmented reality and artificial intelligence in the field of advertising? Also, how both these technologies have skyrocketed the advertising and opportunities in it? One has to first delve into the details of how artificial intelligence and augmented reality make advertising interactive. Let's begin with the definition of advertising early.


Advertising is a marketing communication of producing advertisements for commercial services or products that employ non-personal and openly sponsored messages to sell or promote a product, idea, or service. Sponsors are typically the businesses that wish to promote or sell certain products. The advertising process is different from public relations because, in advertising, an advertiser controls the ad and the message delivered in it and pays for it. In that respect, an advertising activity involves writing and designing advertisements to attract the common masses' attention to a particular product or service of a business. Advertisers, on the other hand, are people who send a certain advertising message. They intend to inform the general public, they aim to influence the people, and they pay for the messages, which can also be termed as paid announcements.

What is an advertising opportunity?

An advertising opportunity can be defined as a service or a product that may generate additional revenues through advertising. It can be achieved by defining the target market for a specific message and then reaching out to the targeted population with a practical and interactive ad campaign. Advertising opportunity communicates differentiating attributes, creates additional awareness, and optimizes the chance through the advertisement's hidden benefits or qualities.

As you have got the idea of what advertising is and what an advertising opportunity is, let's understand the ways of artificial intelligence and augmented reality in the changing advertising world.


Lexus released the first advertisement technologically scripted by artificial intelligence by using IBM Watson in 2018. This first attempt of artificial intelligence advertising was released to analyze the 15 years of car and luxury brand campaign that had won the Cannes Lions' award for creativity. Watson used AI-inspired PR stunt to resonate with the viewers effectively.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence has possibly changed the advertising world at every possible level. The variety of advancements in the AI advertising field ranges from audience targeting to ad creation and ad buying. AI has profound implications on a brands' or businesses' competitive advantage and the career prospects of the marketers who plan, design, create, and run ad campaigns.

AI-powered advertising process works to help a brand discover the consumers from all around the world brands did not know that they even existed as AI-powered Google Doc suggests the words we intend to write. Hence, without any doubt, AI is the future of advertising.

Future of Artificial Intelligence Advertising

The future of artificial intelligence advertising has accelerated with a robust and positive development not only to save extra dollars and conversion-boosting perspectives. AI, when combined with advertising, provides a sense of relevancy and personalization to the end-users. Also, AI advertising opens up gateways with the other additional mediums to develop the ability to sell and buy the desired services or products pertinent and exciting to your daily life.


The era of augmented reality in advertising has begun with the ways companies adapt and push forward the augmented reality technology for technological advancements in technological infrastructures to provide a vivid experience to their end-users. In short, Augmented Reality (AR) is defined as the ability to add the presence of a live view in the form of digital elements with the help of a camera which differentiates this technology from Virtual Reality. When coupled with AI in advertising, the augmented reality is the next BIG thing in this ever-changing world of advertising. The most common and famous example of augmented reality in advertising is Snapchat, a famous social media platform. AR technology in Snapchat offers its users the camera masking filters to augment their truth in a fun way.

Future Of Augmented Reality (AR) In Advertising

The technology of augmented reality, along with AI, integrates web development and visual stimuli in the industry of advertising. It offers the consumers an immersive experience irrespective of time and place. It also creates engaging circumstances for the customers to test the product or service before buying so that customers can get desired products of their favourite brands.

As per the future of augmented reality in advertising in the fewest possible words, though augmented reality is making its first steps, it will be widespread in the advertising industry worldwide. Companies or brands investing in the technology of augmented reality in the marketing industry will reap the limitless advantages of viewing the advertising world in a completely new dimension. Today's investment in augmented reality will make people enjoy the fruits of their investment soon.

Wrapping up,

artificial intelligence and augmented reality is the premier advertising industry associated with creating, designing, synthesizing, aggregating, and sharing the specific knowledge or information that the decision-makers of a brand want to lead successfully.

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